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Hemp Zone

Hemp Zone: King Size Organic Hemp Cones Unbleached

Hemp Zone: King Size Organic Hemp Cones Unbleached

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Simplicity meets purity in our King Size Organic Hemp Cones. These unbleached cones are a straightforward choice for a genuine smoking experience. Made from organic hemp, they let the natural taste of your herbs shine through, without any added dyes or bleaching agents. With Hemp Zone, you're set for a consistently smooth session.

  • Organic Hemp: Pure hemp ensures a clean smoke with every cone.
  • Unbleached: Retain the natural essence of your herbs without harsh chemicals.
  • King Size: More space for your herbs, perfect for a longer session.
  • 30 Coffins Per Box | 3 Cones Per Coffin

Hemp Zone's King Size cones are your eco-friendly choice for an authentic, no-fuss smoking pleasure.

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