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Hemp Zone

Hemp Zone: 1 1/4 White Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp Zone: 1 1/4 White Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

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Unveil the essence of a pure roll with Hemp Zone's white organic hemp papers. These naturally white papers are crafted without the use of dyes or bleach, offering you a pure and authentic smoking experience. Our 1 1/4 size papers are designed for those who appreciate the original thickness, providing a sturdy feel for an easy roll.

  • Naturally White: Achieved without chlorine or other harsh chemicals, maintaining the integrity of your smoke.
  • Organic Hemp: Responsibly sourced for your peace of mind and a cleaner smoke.
  • Standard Thickness: Durable and easy to handle, yet still providing a smooth burn.
  • Ideal Size: The 1 1/4 size suits your personal rolling preferences, perfect for a solo session or to share.
  • 25 Booklets Per Box | 24 Sheets Per Booklet

Embrace the straightforward purity of Hemp Zone's white organic papers — where natural materials meet mindful smoking.

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