Hemp smokes: What you should know about hemp cigarettes

A brief history of hemp. A lot of unanswered questions in regards to tobacco-free cigarettes made out of hemp. No high, not addicting, no nicotine, and 100% natural. Find out more! 

Thu, Jul 09, 20
All The Popular Questions On Hemp Cigarettes
Hemp cigarettes are fast becoming big. They replace your traditional tobacco cigs while presenting a myriad of benefits ranging from a healthier tobacco alternative to improving the quality of your life. But they are a new product and even CBD and hemp lovers have some hempettes related questions.
Tue, Jun 30, 20
CBD Explained: Full spectrum vs Broad-spectrum vs isolate

When purchasing CBD, you will notice that the products have a distinct cannabinoid spectrum for you to select. The products are mainly named as broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or CBD isolates. The three words may sound indistinguishable, but they are much different from each other. 

What sets them apart? In this article, we find out the difference and talk about the pros and cons of each.

Wed, Jun 24, 20

Both Hemp and Marijuana are considered to be under the same plant species, Cannabis; but are utilized for their different plant properties. They both look and smell very similar, but the three main differences are the cannabinoid profile, how its cultivated and the type of products that are created from each plant.

Thu, Jun 11, 20

Hemp smokes have certainly gained popularity in limited time and the market for it has been on the rise. With the therapeutic qualities of cannabidiols and zero amount of nicotine or tobacco, CBD smokes are perfect for cigarette smokers who are trying to quic. People who like to try out the new product but not in excessive quantity, hemp smokes are just perfect. Coming back to the chain-smokers, excessive nicotine is damaging their health and because of its addictive nature, it’s hard to get rid of the habit. CBD Smokes can be for the individuals who indulge in regular smoking. Hempettes are...

Tue, Jun 09, 20

Hemp Zone smokes are made from dried hemp flowers which gives you a therapeutic benefit of cannabidiol (CBD). People usually think that hemp and marijuana are the same thing. However, they have different chemical compositions. Marijuana contains 5% to 20% THC content, whereas, hemp, and especially our hemp, contains less than 0.3% THC.

Tue, Jun 02, 20