The Different Kinds of Rolling Papers Explained

Your rolling paper determines the aroma, burn duration, and quality of your smoke. Find out which rolling paper is the best choice for you, only at Hemp Zone! 

Sun, Sep 18, 22
What is Organic Hemp Paper?
Learn more about the popular organic hemp rolling paper, where it came from, and its wonderful benefits to our nature.
Mon, May 23, 22
Best Hemp Zone Flavors
How to know what the best hemp wrap flavors are! Come and read a bit about what the Hemp Zone Family and our favorite customers love the most. Fourteen Hemp Wrap flavors and four more coming soon!
Thu, Mar 31, 22
What do You need To Know About Smokable Hemp Products?
Many individuals now realize that marijuana can be a viable alternative to various pills and other medical products. Nowadays, many different types of marijuana are available for consumers, such as Indica or Sativa and many more.
Tue, Dec 07, 21
Are Hemp Wraps Vegan?

Are Hemp Wraps Vegan? There has been a lot of talk about hemp wraps lately. They're a fashionable and natural substitute for traditional blunt and joint wraps. But are they vegan? The answer might surprise you. First, let's look at what hemp wraps are and what it means to be vegan? Hemp wraps are natural and unprocessed substitutes for rolling paper. They're made from the cannabis sativa plant, also known as hemp or marijuana. There's no THC in these products, just pure hemp that has been harvested and manufactured into a wrap. Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes all animal...

Mon, Nov 22, 21
Do Hemp Rolling Papers Get You High? | Hemp Zone
Find out if hemp rolling papers get you high. We answer the question, "Will I get high smoking hemp wraps?"
Tue, Nov 16, 21