Full-Spectrum CBD and its medicinal benefits

Full-Spectrum CBD and its medicinal benefits

Full-Spectrum CBD and its medicinal benefits

We know about CBD and its growing popularity because its medicinal benefits are making it popular day by day. In the herb market, it is talk of the town because of the various recorded experiences of users.

What we are mostly aware of is that the Cannabis plant is a wild plant with green leaves packed with hundreds of beneficial chemical compounds. These compounds are called cannabinoids that are on the lab desks of many curious researchers, scientists, and medical experts in different countries of the world. Although it hasn’t made it to the doctor’s prescription yet, it is widely being used as an alternative medicine for anxiety, sleep, and pain management.

What we know less about is the “Full-Spectrum CBD.” Let’s get into it and see what we are missing out.

When you actually aim to purchase CBD products, you will see full-spectrum, broad-spectrum & CBD isolate variants. Wait! Don’t get confused. We are here to help you choose the best by telling you the difference.

Full-Spectrum CBD: This kind of CBD is packed with all kinds of cannabinoids present in Cannabis, including terpenes, flavonoids & THC. However, in states where CBD is legal, we can also come across some products with higher levels of THC (gives a high). But medical-grade CBD is only permissible with less than 0.3% THC levels.

Broad-Spectrum CBD: Precisely, you can also call it “THC Free” CBD. It is the preference of those users who wants to try cannabis products without getting high as the THC is the component responsible for it. However, it has traces of all other beneficial chemical components, so it is called broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Isolate: As the name says, it is an isolate of CBD, meaning it only contains pure CBD. It is free of psychoactive components of Cannabis. Pure CBD isolates can be spotted in solid crystalline forms & are extracted by various processes.

All these variants are present in the market to make users decide which one to buy that perfectly suits their requirements. However, we we must know why Full-Spectrum CBD is being widely used and is even becoming legal in many countries.

Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD:

Full-Spectrum CBD contains all the beneficial chemical components of Cannabis. It contains THC with a 0.3% concentration level, and its presence amps up the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of the Full-Spectrum CBD products.

Let’s see why the presence of THC is important in Full-Spectrum CBD.

The Entourage effect:

Cannabis & its components are widely being researched for their therapeutic properties. Studies suggest that the therapeutic properties of CBD are enhanced when it is combined with other compounds like flavonoids, terpenes delta-8, etc. THC acts as a catalyst in this process, amps up the benefits, and increases the product’s potency. This is termed as “The entourage effect.”

Full spectrum CBD is being used to handle neuropathic pain associated with multiple sclerosis as well as for anti-inflammatory & chronic pain.

However, longer dosages of Full-spectrum CBD are not advisable as they may produce a euphoric effect. It is also recommended to use lab-tested products as some fake brands claim to optimize THC content, but in actual they have more than 0.3% of THC, which can be harmful to health.

While discussing Full-Spectrum CBD, it is important to look into these components too.

Terpenes: Amongst other power-packed chemicals present in Cannabis, there are Terpenes that give the plant its unique fragrance. The terpenes are aromatic oils that promote stress-relief and relaxation and provides a unique flavor to each strain of Cannabis. There are over 100 different types of Terpenes. Interestingly the strong smell produced by this chemical is also used to repel predators and lure pollinators.

Flavonoids: Flavonoids are not specifically found in Cannabis. These are present in almost all fruit-bearing plants. However, Cannabis includes approximately 20 different flavonoids that boast their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties in different studies. Like terpenes, flavonoids are also found in all strains of Cannabis in different forms and give unique flavor and potency to each strain. They are also under research due to their anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties.

There are several benefits of Full-spectrum CBD recorded by users; a few are mentioned below.

  • Entourage effect
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-anxiety
  • pain relief
  • anti-seizure
  • muscle spasm relief
  • treatment for psychotic disorders
  • antioxidant

Is using Full-spectrum CBD a right choice for me?

Well, now that we are informed in detail about all the CBD variants, it is easier for us to decide in what condition and when we are going to use which variant. However, in clear terms, if you are new to using alternative medicine for pain management and want to try this out, you can start with broad-spectrum CBD products also. Since full-spectrum CBD contains THC, so it can show up in your drug test. Hence people avoid using it as a novice user.

However, once you get the hang of it and start experiencing the benefits, the potential therapeutic benefits of the entourage effect will convince you to shift to full-spectrum CBD. Just make sure to use high-quality, organically grown, and third-party lab-tested full-spectrum CBD products from a verified seller.

There are several delivery methods of CBD. You may use tinctures, concentrates, pills, gummies, oils, and creams, depending on their bio-availability.

Talk to your doctor

Although there are many resources for information and it is pretty straightforward to know the benefits of CBD. But you still need to consult a doctor if you are going for this alternative medicine. CBD is still in its early stages of research; hence it has not made it to FDA approved list of drugs. Furthermore, its reaction with other regular medicine is also not discussed in detail by experts. Hence, if, on the one hand, it is promising benefits, in-adequate research and consultation may lead to health hazards too.

Before purchasing a product, always carefully read the label. If you are planning to buy THC-free products, then look for regulated ones so that you get what the label claims.

After the 2018 farm bill, hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% of THC is legal. However, before making a purchase, always check if it is legal to buy or sell CBD products in your state to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

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