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10 CBD-Packed hemp smokes rolled in the finest and purest hemp paper, not the white paper you find rolled around a cigarette. A refreshing and cool menthol flavor bolsters the flavor of our all-natural hemp.

Hemp Zone Menthol CBD cigarettes are made with organic industrial hemp leaves with 0% tobacco, and 0% nicotine. From the natural filter to the unbleached hemp wrap, these hempettes can't get any cleaner. American-grown organic hemp with a cooling menthol flavoring. 

Hemp Zone offers products made from natural and high-quality hemp plants. The quality of our hemp means that you get enhanced menthol flavor and a rich, smooth smoke that is refreshing on the palate. Our Hemp burns slow and even, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your smoke.

  • Approximately 70 mg CBD per gram of hemp (70 mg CBD per hempette). 
  • Our hemp smokes do not contain any tobacco and no nicotine with 100% high-quality hemp grown in the USA. 


  • 10 Hemp Smokes/Pack. 15 Packs/Carton
  • 0% Tobacco 
  • 0% Nicotine 
  • 6-8% CBD
  • Unbleached Hemp Paper
  • Organic Hemp
  • Natural Menthol Flavoring
  • 10 Hemp Smokes in Each Pack
  • Under the limit of 0.3% for THC

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