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Smooth French Vanilla

Smooth French Vanilla

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Flavor Description 

Another delicious way to enjoy your favorite herbs. Our newest all-natural Hemp Zone is that of a smooth, french vanilla flavor and aroma. 

We liked this flavor for its simplicity and familiarity. Nothing about French Vanilla is as plain as Vanilla! These wraps are more about the aroma and a little less about the flavor. Small the strong - and taste the subtle - yolky and custardy rich consistency in the air. 

This flavor was made for us who love the smell and taste of our herbs but still want to mix in a subtle and smooth aroma to it. It is not sweet, it is not a rich and imposing or overpowering scent. It is simply French Vanilla.

Like all our flavors, the French Vanilla Hemp Zone Wraps are made from the finest sustainable Canadian hemp and contain no harsh or toxic chemicals that can be found in many alternative wraps. Hemp Zone Wraps contain 0% nicotine – 0% tobacco.

Product Specs 

15 Pouches – 5 Hemp wraps in each pouch. (75 wraps) 


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