Full Transparency

Premium quality hemp, backed by scientific facts

These analyses are from Integrated Lab Solutions. Integrated Lab Solutions is a trusted, physician-led organization that runs tests to determine the cannabinoid profile of industrial hemp crops during various stages of cultivation. They are fast, efficient, and extremely accurate .

What do these reports show?

These lab reports will provide accurate testing for CBD, CBDA, CBG, THCA, and a whole host of other cannabinoids (which you can see in the above example report).

How are these reports conducted?

This is done by using an advanced Cannabinoid Panel that uses tools such as mass spectrometry to bring you thorough and accurate chemical breakdowns of our hemp crops.

How thorough are these reports?

These lab reports are so thorough and so transparent that they are even individually signed and authorized by the lead physician on the test. You will also find information on the date the test was done and received.