What is Organic Hemp Paper?

What is Organic Hemp Paper?


With the increasing and disturbing damages caused by deforestation and other environmental factors, we are seeing more and more organic products afloat on the surface in the general market. It also applies to using organic hemp papers for joints, blunts, and cigarettes. By going eco-friendly, we can help preserve, if not save, our nature.

Before we dig in deeper about the significant benefits of organic hemp paper, let us first learn about the wonderful hemp plant.

The Hemp Fiber

Hemp derives from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The fiber of the hemp plant is used for different purposes such as creating clothing, rolling papers, and various other products.

Only recently, hemp was recognized to be a popular fiber with many uses. Although it already had a long history in the cloth-making industry, people are now incorporating hemp fiber for many other reasons.

One of the main reasons it became a significant fiber is that it has the ability to proliferate very quickly. They grow faster than other popular fiber plants and they are truly a wonderful product. Its usage is growing increasingly by the day across the globe.

The History of Hemp Rolling Papers

The people in the pre-paper era used to make rolling papers from corn husks. They have been a popular source for rolling paper back then, but it wasn’t long until the suppliers turned to hemp fiber as an alternative option.

Using hemp as rolling paper made them realize that it is truly far better than other sources. Hemp rolling papers are much thicker as opposed to the traditional options available in the market today.

Going Organic

There is no denying that going organic is the best way forward. With the steady and scary damages caused by many environmental factors to our nature, we must choose to go eco-friendly. When you use organic hemp rolling papers, you are making a difference. It is truly worth considering.

If you are an enthusiastic Cannabis smoker, you must be committed to sourcing only high-quality, premium products and it only makes sense to use only organic hemp rolling papers.

One of the many reasons people enjoy this wonderful hemp product is that they reduce dependence on tree products. We can conserve the much-needed trees on this planet by sourcing hemp plants that have the ability to mushroom and multiply really fast. It is highly sustainable than other options like wood pulp and rice rolling papers.

Gladly, we want to make your switch as easy as possible. In case you are still using traditional paper for rolling joints, this is your chance to make an impact. 

The Best Organic Hemp Wraps in The Market Today

Use All-Natural Hemp Wraps with the largest assortment of flavored hemp wraps. Each wrap is made organically using the finest Canadian hemp plants. These all-natural hemp wraps offer nothing but clean, sustainable, and great natural notes for your top-shelf and legal herbs.

These wraps contain 0% nicotine, 0% tobacco, and 0% THC. These papers do not provide the typical experiences that are commonly associated with smoking Marijuana.


Are there different flavors of hemp wraps? 


If you like your roll to taste a bit citrusy, go for Lemonade Hemp Wraps

If you like it simple yet familiar, you can go for French Vanilla Hemp Wraps

If you are looking for a creamy coffee tone, then these Russian Gem Hemp Wraps are perfect for you. They offer a super-smooth smoke full of daring coffee with voluminously creamy white chocolate and a slight note of sharp vodka. Russian Gem might not be for everyone but if you are looking for an adventurous taste, these natural hemp wraps are the boldest combo. 

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