The Different Kinds of Rolling Papers Explained

The Different Kinds of Rolling Papers Explained


This article's purpose is to explain the main differences in the type of rolling paper. 



Hemp papers can be completely white, or they can be colored. It all depends on the components of the paper. In general, white rolling papers tend to contain synthetic chemicals that help prolong the burning time to further enrich your smoking experience. As for colored papers, they can be made of chemicals or natural ingredients, depending on the brand you choose. 


Rice paper 

Ultra-thin rice papers are another popular type. Smokers love it because it's relatively tasteless so 


Hemp paper 

Hemp paper is a sustainable rolling paper made out of natural hemp fiber, and free from any chemicals or additives. Unlike most other rolling papers, this paper doesn't undergo the bleaching process. And as it's derived from the fiber of hemp, using this paper doesn't harm plants. They contain a natural aroma, something that's subtle and doesn't impact the actual flavor of the herbs you're smoking. In addition, hemp has a thick and coarse texture, so rolling joints and gripping them is never an issue. 


Wood pulp paper 

Wood pulp paper has been used by smokers for ages now, and it's still very popular today. The material is versatile, thick, and easy to roll. Depending on the requirement of the user, wood pulp paper is available in both bleached and unbleached variants. The paper is not slow-burning, but its texture makes it a good option for newbies who are yet to master the art of rolling smoke paper. 


What's the best option for you? 

Now that you're aware of the different types of rolling paper, it's time to decide which one you'll choose. But before you make a choice, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the paper coming from responsible sources? 
  • Is it easy to roll and grip?
  • Is it safe for your health?

Wood pulp paper used to be incredibly popular back in the day, but now the focus is on minimizing health hazards and environmental impact. More and more smokers are switching to hemp rolling papers in recent times because they are organic, safe, and easy to create a roll. 

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