How to Roll Hemp Wraps?

How to Roll Hemp Wraps?

There is every reason to love an old fashioned blunt. But this is slowly changing as more cannabis lovers want to avoid tobacco at all costs. Enlightenment of the many adverse effects of tobacco smoking is the culprit.  

So, does that mean we trash our blunts? Heck NO! Welcome to the world of hemp wraps.  

Now if you are new to the trade, hemp wraps are blunt rolling papers made from hemp. This does not only mean that you will be smoking a blunt free from tobacco but also one that brings all the cannabinoid goodies on board. 

Here is the most asked question amongst blunt lovers turning to hemp wraps, how do you roll a hemp blunt? Is the process the same as that of rolling a tobacco wrap blunt? 

Here is your spoiler; hemp zone wraps will not give you the arduous task of splitting a cheap cigarillo to obtain your wrap. They are easy to work with and newbies often look like pros rolling blunts.  

We shall be looking at two methods of rolling hemp wraps.  

Glue strip hemp wraps.  

Glue striped hemp wraps are known to be more complex than the second type of wraps that we shall explore next. They are flat sheets of paper that often come stuck together. Sometimes the glue strip hemp wraps are rolled, and you will need to separate one from the roll. 

Now, after you have obtained a single paper from the packaging, the process is similar to traditional blunt rolling. 

  1. Grind your cannabis flower fairly for an even smoke. However, do not grind to dust.  
  2. Flatten your hemp wraps and place your ground flower on top of it with most of it at the center minimizing towards the edges. Be careful with the edge with the glue strip- it should be facing upwards. 
  3. Work on the wrap back and forth just like you would with a traditional blunt to pack the flower. The strip should be the open edge. 
  4. When done with the packing, add some moisture to the glue strip and hold it in place for about a minute to secure your blunt properly.  
  5. Fasten your filter to one end and… 
  6. When it is firm enough, light your blunt to enjoy a tobacco free smoke.

Hemp Zone has an amazing shop with glue strip hemp wraps that come in different flavours. Our glue is made from plants and not chemicals. What is your flavor?

Pre sealed hemp wraps 

These are so easiest to work with. What are they in the first place? They are tube like wraps that only need you to pack your flower inside with no sealing to do. Here is how you do it. 

  1. Grind about 1 to 1 1/2 grams of your favorite flower 
  2. Get a single tube and store the rest for future use.  
  3. Using a packing tool, scoop a small amount of the flower and push it into the wrap. Repeat the process until all your weed is out or the wrap is full.  
  4. And just like that you are ready for a good smoke.  

So how easy are hemp wraps to roll? So easy that many cannabis lovers are abandoning cigar paper. 

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