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Hemp Wraps & Hemp Zone Intro.

Now that few understand what they are, this will be a fantastic way to unearth them. For starters, you may be wondering what hemp is. Here is a refresher. 

Hemp is a variety of cannabis plants with THC levels equal to or less than 0.3%. THC is a compound that belongs to the cannabinoids group- cannabis compounds that can interact with receptors in our bodies. 

We shall look at the cannabinoids in hemp and if they can be traced in hemp wraps later in this article. 

Hemp wraps are flat sheets of paper made from industrial hemp custom-made to be used as wraps for cannabis flowers. Think about the regular blunt wraps but tobacco-free. By simply looking, you may find it hard to differentiate these two. 

When you buy hemp wraps, you may find them flat or pre rolled. The pre rolled kind are ready for stashing your hemp inside. They are an excellent choice for anyone really that is not in love with tobacco. 

Here are some of the most asked questions when it comes to hemp wraps. 

How much CBD is in hemp wraps? 

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol- a sister cannabinoid to THC. CBD and THC are the most abundant cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. 

The reason many people ask this question is because CBD is associated with a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. The CBD when smoked, gets into your system through the lungs and initiates several physiological processes that help in perfecting the functioning of other body systems. It has been used many times for pain, inflammation, insomnia and even the FDA approved it for two rare forms of epilepsy. 

So how much CBD is in my hemp wraps? There is no distinctive answer to this question. Why is this so? 

Let us first answer whether CBD can be found in hemp wraps. The answer is YES! You see, the hemp plants have numerous strains. The strains stand for different cannabinoid levels. That will only mean one thing; the amount of CBD in your hemp wraps will depend on the strain that it was made from. 

The truth is that you may find the CBD in hemp wraps not to be potent enough to cause any effects or bring any benefits. If you are interested in amplifying the CBD amount in your roll, you may want to use a CBD flower which has potent levels of the cannabinoid. 

Do hemp wraps have THC? 

What about THC-the cannabinoid that causes a marijuana high when smoked? Now that hemp has traces of THC lower than 0.3%, you may ask whether you will get a high by smoking hemp wraps. 

The reason the hemp THC threshold is capped at 0.3% is because it is not potent at these levels. What that means is that you will not get a high from smoking hemp wraps. Hemp wraps are not psyhcoactive and will not get you high. Most likely you will not have trouble passing drug tests with such minimal traces of THC, and if you have any questions you can always contact the Hemp Zone Team.

Why should I ditch tobacco wraps for hemp wraps? 

Well, there are a good number of reasons why you should join the growing numbers smoking hemp wraps. 

  1. They burn evenly

Many will argue that tobacco wraps are thicker than hemp wraps. There is no disputing that. However, one fact that makes hemps wraps better than tobacco wraps is how sturdy they are. A perfectly rolled hemp roll will burn evenly with no babysitting it. All you will do is enjoy hit after hit. 

  1. Experience a slow burn

How about a wrap that gives you time to relax, hold your puff, have a little chat before the next one? Slow burning rolls are the best and hemp rolls prove to be nothing short. 

  1. Zero tobacco

Tobacco has been ruled over and over to be associated with a myriad of health conditions. For one, it has been named as a carcinogenic. Do not get this wrong, anything foreign in your lungs can turn to be carcinogenic including hemp smoke. However, nicotine in tobacco is addictive and proves to cause more harm than cannabinoids in hemp. hemp wraps are a match for anyone who wishes to go tobacco free. 

  1. Experience the calming effects of cannabinoids

Cannabinoids in hemp wraps prove to offer a relaxing and calming effect while offering support to your immune system. If you are smoking a THC rich strain, you may enjoy the balance that comes with the CBD in hemp wraps. 

  1. Taste the flavor

Does that mean tobacco wraps have zero flavor? Heck no! The problem with tobacco is that when it is combusted, its aroma is so strong that it can easily overthrow that of any flavor. Hemp wraps will prove to be flavor friendly and will give you an amazing smoking experience. 

So why should you not try out our pure hemp wraps made from organically grown, harvested and processed hemp?

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