Hemp smokes got the spotlight instantly as a healthy alternative to traditional smoking. Smokers, who are struggling to quit smoking, may have a chance with CBD & Hemp smokes. They might not feel the same effect as a nicotine rolled-up cigarette, but Hemp smokes are certainly emerging as a viable alternative. So, the question arises here is whether the new CBD smokes are better than tobacco cigarettes or is it just a myth. To explain it further let’s discuss the pros and cons of both Hemp smokes and traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Pros of Tobacco:

  • Tobacco crop plays a significant role in the economy of any country. Countries rich in tobacco crops are doing good business exporting and stabilizing the economy.
  • Tobacco has the properties to fight off Parkinson’s disease and obesity at a certain level.

Cons of Tobacco:

  • The most adverse effect of tobacco is its carcinogenic properties. People suffer from lungs, mouth, and other types of cancer only due to smoking tobacco consistently.
  • Tobacco fumes can cause air pollution.
  • Passive smoking can also lead to cancer. So, the person sitting next to smokers also gets affected by the smoke.
  • Addictive nature of nicotine keeps you hooked up on cigarettes and a lot of money gets wasted.
  • Bad breath is another turn-off and people hesitate to come closer to smokers and prefer some distance while talking.
  • Tobacco can cause wrinkles damaging the freshness of the face.

Pros of Hemp Smokes:

  • The major advantage that CBD smokes has to offer is the medicinal properties of cannabidiol. From chronic pains to nerve tension, CBD helps in many health issues.
  • No harm is done to the environment by Hemp smokes.
  • 0% of tobacoo or nicotine means there are 0 addictive agents.
  • You are always in your senses and never get high by smoking CBD.
  • Different flavors are available, so you won’t feel bitter taste after smoking for a while.
  • Our Hemp Zone Smokes will save you from all the trouble from rolling the.

No chemicals or added preservatives, so you will get 100% natural and organic CBD products.

Cons of Hemp Smokes:

  • Although the side effects of hemp’s smoke are not as adverse as of tobacco’s, it cannot be declared as safe for lungs.
  • CBD components might cause a reaction if mixed with any prescribed medicine. So, if you are on regular medication, kindly make sure that the components of both medicine and CBD do not react with each other.

Final Say:

In the lights of all the discussion, CBD smokes are beneficial due to cannabidiol. If you are struggling to quit smoking, then Hemp smokes can become the perfect alternative. When buying the Hemp wraps, make sure the product is quality certified with the high level of CBD strains.

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