Do Hemp Rolling Papers Get You High? | Hemp Zone

Do Hemp Rolling Papers Get You High? | Hemp Zone

One of the questions we get the most here at Hemp Zone is whether hemp wraps get you high. Usually, this question is asked by new smokers or the traditional ones that are hoping to switch to a smoother, tastier, and to some, a healthier alternative.

Do Hemp Wraps Get Me High?

No! If you put natural herbs or tobacco in your hemp wraps, you will not get high. If you fill your hemp wraps with marijuana, you will get high.  

What is in Hemp Wraps?

Hemp rolling paper does not contain any psychoactive substances that can cause hallucinations or other effects.

You see, hemp is a variety of cannabis that contains less than one percent THC. It contains a low amount of the main psychoactive substance in marijuana. There has been debate about whether hemp counts as cannabis at all since it's so low in THC and doesn't have any other psychoactive substances.

The THC levels in hemp are not potent enough to create any psychoactivity. By itself, hemp contains only trace amounts of THC. However, if you intend to your hemp wraps to smoke herbs with THC substance, such as marijuana, you will get high.

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