Best Hemp Zone Flavors

Best Hemp Zone Flavors

EaIf you are looking for a reliable and high-quality hemp wrap vendor, look no further because Hemp Zone has your back. We are working on building an incredible range of top-rated quality products to choose from. All wraps offered by hemp zone are third-party lab tested and come with the certificate of analysis to quickly verify your purchase. Here are our (the HZ family, and our top sold) top flavors.


Natural Hemp Wraps 

If you are not fond of flavored hemp wraps, Hemp Zone offers natural hemp smokes with the earthy and woody touch of Canadian-grown industrial hemp. These tobacco and nicotine-free wraps do not contain THC, so they are not addictive or psychoactive. These naturally flavored hemp wraps are made with the most refined hemp fiber that does not contain any harmful compounds that are usually found in other available options. A single pack contains 15 pouches, and each pouch offers five hemp wraps. So, you will have a good stock of 75 wraps. These natural Hemp Wraps are perfect for experiencing the authentic flavors of your herbs.


Russian Gem 

After months of hard work and determination, the hemp zone team, along with a few of our first and biggest fans, came up with the idea of this bright new flavor called Russian gem. A dint of sharp vodka was added to ensure that highly smooth smoke was produced with each puff, making the smoking experience even more satisfying.


Mango Hemp Zone Wraps

Tropical mango is just right if you want to elevate your smoking experience with fruity flavors. Producing this mango hemp flavor was one of the easiest decisions we've made.

The delicious aroma of mango can be enjoyed in the dense smoke. You will fall in love with the scent as soon as you open the pouch. The tropical mango flavor is just perfect with hemp grown without any GMOs or harsh chemicals. If you are a regular hemp wrap user, you know the mango flavor hits different.


Kush - Classically Flavored Hemp Zone Wraps. 

A typical Kush can be easily identified through its aroma. The fragrance is somewhat between earthy, floral, spicy, pine, and incense. It also feels like fresh fruit infused with hash spice and pepper. Vapors or smoke produced by Kush wraps is very smooth and may feel like herbaceous and citrus. Like all our flavors, Kush flavored hemp zone wraps burn slow, producing clean and dense smoke that perfectly matches your premium hemp flower filling.


Kiwi Strawberry 

Combining this sweet and citrusy flavor with the caramel, spicy and fruity notes of strawberry sound just perfect. Strawberry also offers the green note offering a smoky, woody, and leafy sensation. All these fantastic flavors combine very well with earthy and woody hemp. Any strain of hemp would be an excellent choice for such diverse tastes in the kiwi strawberry wrap.


Final Thoughts

Hemp wraps have become famous for all the right reasons. If you also want to experience this healthy alternative to wraps, Hemp Zone offers a wide range of fabulous flavors.

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